A different way to eat legumes

Published on by Cristina

I really love lentils soup and as a Mediterranean sort of diet, it says that to eat legumes at least a couple of days per week, it is very good in any healthy diet. Having said that to cook them in the traditional sort of a way can also be boring. So I have been trying to cook them and to add a little touch.Traditional lentils soup:2 cups lentils1 large chopped onion1/4 cup Olive Oil1 clove crushed Garlic2 chopped carrots1 tsp salt1tsp pepper1/2 chopped tomatoes6 to 8 cups of water (chicken broth or veggie broth is a plus)1 bay leave1/2 tsp smoke paprikaIn a large pot, heat the olive oil, and soften the onion, garlic. Add the tomato and the carrot and after 5 minutes add the lentils, paprika, salt and pepper and cover with the water ( or broth) and cook until softened.A trick to make it different and tasty. Blend the lentils soup to make it a creamy soup and serve with a pinch of paprika over each plate. Another trick would be to cook in a different pan a piece of spicy sausage, such as Spanish chorizo(100g) Once is cooked, place it inside the lentils soup. ( I cook it in a different pan cos I don't want all the oily water from the sausage)As I said before I'm living in Ankara at the moment and Spanish chorizo isn't available in the shops but any kind of spicy sausage would do.

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