Healthy doesn't mean boring

Published on by Cristina

To eat healthy I don't think that one needs to eat something without being tasty. I love making different kind of soups. They are quick to make and the best meal for a quick lunch or even for those who don't like a huge meal as their supper.

One of my favorite soups is a creamy courgette soup.


1 kg of courgette

2 medium potatoes

pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper

3 to 4 tbsp olive oil

50g of LIGHT spread cheese.

Peel, wash and cut everything into chunks. Boild everything together for around 20 minutes and once is cooked blend all the ingredients. The cheese gives a creamy taste and as it is light, it is still healthy but tasty. Another trick for those how don't like the texture of blended soups. (because might taste them as baby food), it would be to use a hand-operated food mill or a mouli. The texture using a mouli is a kind more rough

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