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  • Enjoying Breakfast..., my favourite part of the day.

    09 April 2015

    Excellent way to start the day! Well, I have to say that this is the first time I am starting a Blog. So let's see how it goes... I have to say, my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. I really enjoy cooking it and of course eating it. Last Saturday...

  • Such a Joy!

    09 April 2015

    I just moved to live to Ankara and I can't believe how cold this is! Anyway, last Sunday whilst Álvaro (my husband) was still sleep, I got up and prepared a succulent and nice breakfast for both of us. A nice Italian coffee such a good way to wake up,...

  • Healthy & tasty

    15 April 2015

    I am quite into healthy food and not cos of getting fat or anything like it but more about taking care of my cholesterol levels. So I tend to look after the amount of saturated fats in my meals. So this breakfast is just an example of eating well but...

  • Healthy doesn't mean boring

    23 April 2015

    To eat healthy I don't think that one needs to eat something without being tasty. I love making different kind of soups. They are quick to make and the best meal for a quick lunch or even for those who don't like a huge meal as their supper. One of my...

  • A different way to eat legumes

    23 April 2015

    I really love lentils soup and as a Mediterranean sort of diet, it says that to eat legumes at least a couple of days per week, it is very good in any healthy diet. Having said that to cook them in the traditional sort of a way can also be boring. So...

  • A comment

    09 April 2015

    I'd like to add a comment to all those interested in cooking, I'm happy to answer any doubts on how to make anything